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Virginia Commonwealth University: Postdoctoral Associate

follows NRSA guidelines: Virginia Commonwealth University: Postdoctoral position, to study fundamental mechanisms of glial dysfunction and synaptodendritic injury in striatum and hippocampus after drug/HIV. Richmond, VA

b.chen@yale.edu: Postdoctoral Positions

NIH standard salary plus benefits: b.chen@yale.edu: We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral researchers to pursue the most challenging topics in visual neuroscience. New York City, New York (US)

P2Y6-deficiency increases micturition frequency and attenuates sustained contractility of the urinary bladder in mice

Dopamine D2 receptors and the circadian clock reciprocally mediate antipsychotic drug-induced metabolic disturbances

Dynamic representation of time in brain states

Corrigendum: Frequency-phase analysis of resting-state functional MRI