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Holiday Journal Therapy

The holiday season is a time of great celebration, but if you have recently lost someone who was very close to you, the holidays can be painful and hard to endure. You are grieving, yet everyone expects you to join in the good times.
Similarly, if you lost a loved one at a holiday time in a previous year, the season can be a difficult challenge for you ever thereafter.

If this describes you, remember first that it is perfectly okay for you to have conflicting feelings and ups and downs. Trying to suppress or mask your grief doesn’t help, as it will surface eventually. Fully experiencing your feelings is the best way to work through them.

A safe and effective way to work through your grief and find a way to enjoy the celebrations again is by using your journal.

Gather mementos from past holidays you shared with your loved one. Photos and letters, recipes or newspaper clippings, favorite ornaments, jewelry, or knick-knacks. If they’ll fit, tape or glue one or two of these into your journal. Your journal is You, and your loved one is a part of You.

Make a list of holiday events and traditions that you shared with your loved one. For at least some items on your list, delve deeply into the memory, recalling and writing out even small details: the arch of Grandpa’s eyebrow as he looked at you across the Thanksgiving table; the funny little song Mom used to sing when she was decorating the Christmas tree; the way your older brother would always have to be the one to light the candles.

Describing these memories will likely be painful, and you may become highly emotional as you write in your journal. If so, take your journaling in small doses, writing just a little bit every day until it gradually becomes easier. Give yourself license to cry and vent as much as you need.

Reflect on which holiday traditions that you used to share are ones you want to continue, and which you want to drop. Find one or two that will gently reunite you with your lost loved one; but don’t feel constrained to cook that big dinner or attend those parties if you’re not in the mood.

Also journal about your thoughts and expectations for the holiday season. Make a plan that’s manageable and specific. Consider ways to honor your loved one through the holidays, without risking emotional melt-down. Give to charity in their name, for instance, or share time with a mutual friend or a family member who is also grieving. Spend the day listening to carols instead of going to parties; or assume responsibility for cooking that turkey, even though you’ve never done it before, just because Dad always did it.

Having faced your grief gently in your journal, and having made a reasonable plan for your holiday, you’re much better prepared to handle your emotions as they arise in this most sensitive season.

When it’s over, of course, reflect on your experiences in your journal, look back at the mementos you taped in the book, and find a new strength and confidence through the continued relationship with your loved one that you’re able to sustain by journaling.

By Mari L. McCarthy – Journal / Writing Therapist. You can find additional thoughts about journaling and grieving at http://www.createwritenow.com/journal-writing-blog/bid/13825/Journal-Therapy-Grief-Journal-Exercise-1. Are you looking for more information on journaling, especially journaling for therapy? Please visit http://www.CreateWriteNow.com. My trademarked program, Journaling for the Health of It! , helps my clients live healthier and happier lives.

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Journal Of Health

HC Home Network News : This year, the advance of national large-scale arrival of cold, to heat a small household appliance market, has brought an unexpected surprise. Home appliance chain stores, according to reaction, the current

Heaters Sales compared to previous years, unusually hot, consumers money or straightforward, no bargaining took products home. Also confirmed the news from the factory heater in short supply: Industrial Park, horse-street parking in the queue waiting to pick up the vehicle, the production line in overtime, shipping logistics, day and night?? Because of the weather, heating device industry “here nice view, “did not see the impact of economic crisis.

Heater sales in surprise surge in flight, while the problems caused by small household electrical appliances have shown a rising trend. From all over

Consumers Association Received complaints that the heater significantly increased proportion than in previous years. This makes the problem of small household electrical appliances to upgrade once again emerged as a consumer focus.

Together, the current escalation of small household electrical appliances need to address four major issues, namely safety, utility, health and

Energy Environmental protection. This is also leading the direction of small household electrical appliances to upgrade the four core issues. Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager Don Hotton told reporters that the higher profits of small household appliances, access to capital threshold, and relatively low technology threshold, leading to a variety of small household appliances enterprises everywhere, many of the families in the workshop stage make products in the “safe, practical, healthy and energy-saving environmental protection,” the fundamental lack of security, but to expand the market, many non-regular army is the only means of

Price war . Informal price war forced the Corps “regular Army” had to follow up, forced to fight by lowering prices, creating a vicious circle: lower prices, lower profits, lower profits, manufacturers had to cut corners or in scientific research development of the savings investment, technology and product upgrades affect, influence industry standards of scientific development.

Safety, utility, health and energy saving industrial upgrading is the direction of small household appliances, but also requires efforts to achieve industrial upgrading bottleneck. Where security is the prerequisite. Production, should be people-oriented, consumer-oriented. If consumers can not be guaranteed safety, that the conscience and sense of social responsibility companies have to put a question mark was. But this situation is common in the small appliance industry exist. Every winter, consumers the use of heaters,

Water heater Vent electrical leakage occurs, causing wounding or death of accidents.

Years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s living standards improved, small household electrical appliances has been widely applied to all aspects of family life, to improve people’s quality of life contributed. At the same time, consumer awareness and consumer habits are also the times, small appliances are “practical” and “health”, as when they buy products important considerations.

In Energy Tension and energy-saving environmental protection, China has strongly advocated the macro background, energy saving became when consumers purchase small household electrical appliances as an important reference. Although

Air conditioning , Refrigerators and other large home appliances by the state environmental protection standards mandatory energy than the energy-saving small appliances industry awareness of environmental protection rather slow, but it is also the industry development trend. Small household electrical appliances industry, some companies have an ideal vision of the implementation of energy conservation in the environmental technology products.

Despite the homogenization of small household electrical appliances are quite serious, but there are differences between high-tech products still continue to emerge, and striving to industrial upgrading in recent years. The current market for a new heater products?? Seiters water heater broke on a good “safe, practical, healthy and energy-saving environmental protection,” the four bottleneck, just put on the market on short supply. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of Association of Chinese home appliance products to this highly Seiters water heater that is to guide the industry to upgrade the revolutionary product.

Seiters water heater with new material and technology of carbon fiber. Succeeded in breaking through the small household electrical appliances, “safe, practical, healthy and energy-saving environmental protection,” the four bottleneck. Seiters water heater electric discharge completely eliminated the possibility of leakage, even if the accused is open water poured over heating, no problem, that consumers can not build a wall across the “anti-power wall.” Compared with the traditional electric wire and old PPC slow heating ceramic heater technology features, Seiters water heaters heat faster, fifteen minutes can make room feel warm as in spring, very useful.

As people improve the quality of life and life pressures increase, consumers are very concerned about health needs. If the heater has a healthy function, it is the icing on the cake. With health care function, it is Seiters water heater, “people I have not,” another prominent feature. According to research found that the most suitable wavelength of light absorbed by the human body is 6-10 microns. The Seiters water heating heat emitted light wavelength 5-8 microns, compared with other heating devices, has been infinite close to the wavelength of light absorbed by the body, easily absorbed, so as to promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, reduce muscle and neural fatigue, prevent or delay cardiovascular and other diseases, far infrared effect is ideal. This is Seiters water heater in the attention of white-collar sectors of health care so popular an important reason.

. Analysts believe that, because of small household appliance market, disorganized, indicating the industry reshuffle has been carried out quietly shuffling, and 35 years, a large number of enterprises are facing elimination, and some wanted to become a brand, able to market quality excellent, technologically advanced product differentiation companies will no doubt be the final winner after the Ebb Tide. No wonder the Chinese household electrical appliance, Chen Gang, Vice Secretary-General, heating water in the understanding of Seiters the functions and techniques can be given a high rating: “This is a realization of heater industry to upgrade the landmark product.”

Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager Don Hotton

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دراسة فريدة من نوعها.. هكذا تحصل على العضلات دون تمارين أو تعب!
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