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Latest Neurophysiology Videos News

Dohmen Life Science Services Appoints Eric Floyd, Ph.D. as Chief Science Officer
With both an MBA and Ph.D. in Neurophysiology, Dr. Floyd joins Dohmen after serving as vice president of U.S. regulatory affairs and clinical quality assurance and vice president of global regulatory affairs at Lundbeck, Inc. Prior to his time at …
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Latest Neurophysiology Research News

The Neurobiology of Psychotherapy
Advances in cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging have facilitated a greater appreciation of the neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the CNS. The technology to study the real-time functioning of the brain through measurement of blood flow or glucose …
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A Pharma Payment A Day Keeps Docs' Finances Okay
ROBERT WECHSLER, Allopathic and Osteopathic Physicians/Psychiatry and Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Boise, $ 238,000. 6. LAWRENCE GREEN, Allopathic and Osteopathic Physicians/Psychiatry and Neurology, Nampa, $ 226,000. 7.
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Rolled-up electrodes record brain activity without scarring
Avoiding scarring allows electrodes to record neuron firing more accurately over longer periods of time, which will be useful for patients with chronic neurological conditions. By inserting these electrodes into a rat's brain researchers were able to …
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Latest Sleep Neurophysiology News

Faculty Research Subject of Recent Journal Articles
… "Polysomnography With Quantitative EEG in Patients With and Without Fibromyalgia" in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology. The article is based on a study of the brain waves during sleep of patients with and without the pain …
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Study: Almost 20% of Americans Sleep With Their Smart Phones
As many as 20% of all Americans sleep with their smart phones, according to a new study funded by Bank of America. Kind of sad, isn't it? According to the research results, 3% of Americans sleep with their smart phones in their hands and an additional …
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Studies reveal how anesthesia's brain effects differ in older adults and in
Recent Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigations into the neurobiology underlying the effects of general anesthesia have begun to reveal the ways different anesthetic agents alter specific aspects of the brain's electrical signals, reflected …
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Latest Neurophysiology Research News

The Math Of Brewing Coffee Can Model Anesthesia
Despite modern medicine's 160-year use of ether, laughing gas and propofol in surgery, researchers still don't know how exactly they tamp down the back-and-forth between the thalamus – the brain's hub for sensory information – and the cortex, the …
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Researchers track the neural circuits driving a fly's choice of a mate
Now, a team of Rockefeller University researchers has explored in detail how the wiring of the male fly brain enables him to assess the suitability of a potential partner and instinctively decide whether to pursue or abandon her. … she carries on her …
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Can Cushions Ease Children's Backpack Burden?
The American Physical Therapy Association, based on scientific research on the effects of heavy weights, recommends that children carry no more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their backpacks. Children often carry more than this, sometimes …
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Latest Neurophysiology Lectures News

Physiology teaching and learning experience in a new modular curriculum at the
The results showed satisfaction with active learning methods but complaints about the limited contact hours allocated to classroom lectures and practical classes. Student-centered learning was handicapped by the limited computer and internet access for …
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Humanitarian and Author of #1 Bestseller Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson
He later graduated from the University of South Dakota, and pursued graduate studies in neurophysiology at Indiana University. Greg Mortenson will donate a portion of his honorarium to his two non-profit organizations. He continues to spend three to …
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Outstanding Junior Faculty Award recipients announced for 2011
Brown has used a variety of methodologies, including single-unit neurophysiology in awake behaving primates, studies of behavior and individual differences, functional neuroimaging, and computational neural modeling to provide unified accounts of …
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Latest Neurophysiology Videos News

How You Can Lose Your Social Security Benefits
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Social Security is a safety net for millions of Americans, either for retirement, disability or for the survivors of a qualified deceased family member. But there are situations when those benefits can be cut off or curtailed …
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Putting Spiders On Treadmills In Virtual-Reality Worlds
… VR worlds with arachnid aplomb. Even as you read these words, more jumping spiders may be chilling in refrigerators, ready to take their places on the little treadmills. As they do, scientists will learn more about invertebrate perception and …
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